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Traveling to the exotic? Exploring familiar territory? Read our articles from first-hand experience and discover the beauty of such regions.

Sanibel Island

There are no traffic lights on the islands. Overhead illuminations are an absolute scarcity. The speed limit seldom exceeds 45 m.p.h. And there are no buildings higher than the tallest palm tree.   Read more about Sanibel Island

Palm Springs

While this annual father/son adventure always includes experiencing the range of tourist draws in the regions we visit, our primary motivation is always to test our skills, or lack thereof, on the golf tracks.   Read more about Palm Springs

Pittsburgh..perception far from reality!


The steel industry, after which the football team is named, for the most part is gone. There are no penguins and it is doubtful if a real pirate ever came close to the city.  Read more about Pittsburgh

Top 10 Arizona Golf Courses

Duffer's delight

Sweep of Arizona golf courses proves state is a treasure trove.   Ten days, 10 games, 10 different tracks!

Read more about Arizona

Golf In Jamaica - Travel Story

Golfing in Jamaica

There are three things you need to know about golf in Jamaica. Firstly, you must have a caddie with you for every round. It's the policy of most, if not all, golf courses in Jamaica. Read more about Jamaica

Panama is Still a Good Winter Getaway - Travel Story

Panama is Still a Good Winter Getaway

With Transat Holidays' decision not to offer non-stop flights from Winnipeg to Panama this year it is clear that those who were considering the destination may not want to approach it from another gateway. Read more about Panama

Urban Antidote - Travel Story

Urban Antidote

The large, 45-inch-long, lake trout casually winds his way through the Nueltin Lake waters 70 feet below the surface. The shadow from a boat distracts him momentarily as it passes overhead. Seconds later, he sees a reflective flash go by him. Looking for an easy meal, he instantly reacts by closing his wide mouth over his new-found delicacy. Read more about Nueltin Lake

Amazing Voyage to Acadia - Travel Story

Amazing Voyage to Acadia

Our destination is the Acadian Coast of New Brunswick, where my wife was born and grew up with 15 siblings. Some are gone, but many remain living and/or working in the area. Read more about the Amazing Voyage to Acadia

The Two Sides of Los Cabos - Travel Story

The Two Sides of Los Cabos

WITH more non-stop flights from Winnipeg to Mexican destinations than anywhere else it stands to reason most of the questions about sunspot resorts would be about those. Read more about The Two Sides of Los Cabos

So What's Nieuw in Cruise Ships - Travel Story

Switzerland, with Italian flare

We're actually in the Swiss canton of Ticino. My wife and I were looking for something a little different when we discovered Ticino (pronounced Ti-chee-no), while almost entirely Italian-speaking, is not only a Swiss territory but occupies an important place in the nation's fabric. Read more about Ticino, Switzerland

So What's Nieuw in Cruise Ships - Travel Story

So What's Nieuw in Cruise Ships

In honour of that history Holland America (HAL) launched its newest vessel in July of 2010, the Nieuw Amsterdam. With each new cruise ship introduced over the last few years there seems to be a race to see which could manage the greatest number of passengers on each voyage. Read more about the Nieuw Amsterdam

Manzanillo, Mexico - Travel Story

Manzanillo, Mexico

The beaches around Manzanillo are as long and beautiful as those anywhere. Sailboats resting in the harbour create a picturesque sight. Read more about Manzanillo, Mexico

Chicago, United States


Chicago has some interesting districts beyond the downtown region for excellent dining and entertainment. Sections like Old Town and Greek Town make it seem like, for a short time at least, you are visiting an entirely different city. more Chicago

New Brunswick, Canada - Travelling New Brunswick Budget Style!

Travelling New Brunswick Budget Style!

In one week we saw a tremendous amount in what may be one of the least expensive vacations we ever had. Entry fees to most New Brunswick attractions are low. Dining was amazingly inexpensive at most of the restaurants we visited, and even had we not stayed in a cottage, a week's accommodation, outside of Moncton especially, is very reasonable. more New Brunswick

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada - Love Quebec City and Get out of Town

Love Quebec City and Get out of Town

With Quebec Citys historic section designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its reputation for exceptional restaurants, and its simple yet urban charm, it consistently rates high amongst the best in the world in tourist reviews. more Quebec City

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