How to Select Trolling Motor Battery According to Motor Thrust

Selecting the best trolling motor battery could be challenging but not impossible. Once you understand certain guidelines and features in a motor battery, it would be easier to pick the right battery for your trolling motor. Other than these you may need to keep in mind certain limitations on respective models so that you avoid purchasing those.

Let’s take you through the selection process of a trolling motor battery in this quick walkthrough. Before we begin, take a quick look and the various categories of these batteries:

  1. Deep cycle battery:

Such batteries are bought to fix in cars and similar automobiles. The models are designed in a manner that the smaller quantities are discharged in a prolonged period of time. These are perfect trolling motor batteries and run for a long period of time.

  1. Starter batteries:

As the name depicts these batteries are used mainly to switch on or start the engine of the automobile. These types need to be charged in intervals regularly. It is because the charger does not last for long.

  1. Lead acid wet cell:

Such batteries work on electrolyte fluid of electrolyte drops. With the help of regular maintenance these batteries are highly affordable and can work better for a trolling motor thrust.

Here are a few tips to select a trolling motor batter as answered by experienced technicians:

  • Go for a deep cycle battery or marine battery for your trolling motor.
  • Deep cycle batteries are of two types – lead acid wet batteries and AGM batteries.
  • Avoid picking car batteries as these can ruin your motor.
  • Lead acid wet cell batteries are the most affordable of all. Thus, these are widely used for trolling motor.
  • Avoid mixing the batteries and do not buy aged batteries.
  • You must always charge the battery in the right manner and avoid low or over charging.
  • Keep the stored battery charged.
  • If you have bought the lead acid wet-cell battery, you must check the level of water regularly.
  • Ensure that the terminal connections are intact to avoid any signs of corrosion.
  • Clear any sort of corrosion from your batteries when you install a new one and use it for some time. You may use baking soda or toothpaste and check the method of using these.
  • Always keep your new battery in a clean, cool and dark place and avoid any drainage of the battery.

Your usage and machine are also important factors to consider while buying a trolling motor battery. Every battery has its own pros and cons; however you will still need to pick the most suitable and best based on your model and usage.

Keep in mind a few other factors such as the climatic conditions of your travel, height of the boat, and presence of vegetation or sea grass. The vessel should be able to resist these factors; thus the power and thrust need to have the respective trolling speed. There are various models available online that you may wish to take a look at.